Seven Year Itch

By Christina Birchfield | 1/3/2014

Despite evidence to the contrary and more weirdly dramatic weather, fewer of those polled today believe that the globe has warmed over the last 100 years, yet those surveyed want something to be done in anticipation of potential global changes.


According to the USA Today climate change poll, only 73 percent of those surveyed believe that the world has warmed in the last 100 years. Though 73 percent sounds like a lot and is, compared to seven years ago, significantly more people—85 percent—believed this was true. The drop is puzzling and unexplained.

More than three-quarters of those polled expected that global temperatures will increase over the next 100 years. More than half of the respondents thought global warming would result in serious problems, but more thought these would affect the rest of the world more than the United States.

Only 29 percent thought the effects of global warming would be slightly hard or not at all hard to adjust to.

Most interesting was despite the lessening of those surveyed believing that the world had warmed in the last century, 83 percent thought steps should be taken soon to prepare for global warming. And between 2008 and now, attitudes had changed from 67 percent, roughly two-thirds of respondents, to 75 percent, three quarters of respondents, who now say that the U.S. should take action even if others do less.

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