Foreign Solar Tariffs Take a Twist

By Christina Birchfield | 1/10/2014

2013 saw U.S. tariffs imposed on Chinese solar manufacturers who then instituted tariffs of their own; 2014 may see more.


AltEnergy reported new tariffs may be charged to Chinese solar panel producers. Solar panel prices have been falling for years because of “massive oversupply,” and the fact that China produces more than half of the globe’s solar panels. Critics argues that China undercuts the market because of unfair state support. Thus last year’s tariffs on Chinese panels.

Apparently, the ever-resourceful Chinese found a work-around to the tariff because Chinese-made modules avoid the tariff if they contain solar cells made in countries outside China. The original complainant, SolarWorld is filing a new complaint with the U.S international Trade Commission (ITC) asking that the loophole be closed.

China responded to the original tariff with tariffs of its own on some of the U.S.-produced raw materials sold to manufacturer panels. U.S, polysilicon makers provide roughly a fourth of the world’s supply of the material used in the manufacture of solar panels.

So, if this latest complaint results in closing a tariff loophole, what will the next move be for Chinese on the solar checker board?

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