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Gifts For Guys


Submitted by Catherine Vierthaler, Director of Finance, Green Builder Media


Sometimes the guys on our gift list are difficult to buy for, especially if you are buying sustainable products.  After all, how green can you get with electronics and auto gadgets?  Well, here are a few ideas for you.

Fair Trade Sports, Inc. is the first US company to offer a full line of eco-certified Fair Trade sports balls.  The plants that make the balls ensure that their employees earn fair wages and have healthy working conditions.  The balls are vegan and union-made from eco-certified rubber from a sustainably run forest.  Products include balls for soccer, volley ball, football and basketball.


Keep him comfy in organic cotton PJ’s. Coyuchi has wonderful organic products for the home and the entire family, including soft, breathable cotton pajama separates.  All Coyuchi products are certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard and produced using fair-labor practices.


For the gadget lover we found a solar powered LED flashlight & mobile charger.  The versatile device is a flexible neck light and 5.6V mobile charger all in one.  The charger is compatible with most cell phones, GPSs and other hand held devices.  This light/charger is from Solar Goose who partners with Handi-Crafters, an organization that provides job opportunities for people with employment barriers, to assemble the products.





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Local Holiday Shopping


Contributed by Heather Wallace, Director VISION House Series, Green Builder Media


Last Saturday I was able to take some time and shop a couple local artisan fairs. I love seeing all the ideas people come up with. Here's a couple of my favorites:


These bracelets are made from recycled copper. Robin Duis uses cut-offs from roof, gutter or vent-hood installations from a local sheet metal shop then sands and buffs the pieces and decorates each of them using etch, patina and hammer techniques.


Jessie Morrow not only makes gorgeous jewelry she also creates wreaths out of chicken wire, organic potting soil, local moss and succulents. I am one of those people who are challenged when it comes to keeping plants alive. These wreaths just need a little water. If you end up forgetting to water it you can just dunk it into some water and it will come back to life. Just my style!


Instead of your typical consumer shopping this year try visiting one of your local artisan fairs and see what gifts you can buy locally. You might be surprised at the great finds!


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