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The Comfort of Radiant

A special blog by VISION House Los Angeles sponsor, Uponor. 


The comfort of radiant heat in floors is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners across the country – even for people in warmer climates. Imagine the comfort of stepping onto a temperate tiled bathroom floor in the morning or feeling the warmth from the kitchen floor as dinner is prepared. 

Beyond its comfort, radiant heat has many advantages. 

For one, the water in a hydronic radiant floor system has the capacity to transport energy 3,500 times greater than air, so it can heat using less energy than a forced-air system, making it much more efficient than baseboard or forced-air heating.

Secondly, radiant can draw from various energy sources – from standard gas boilers to solar water heaters to geothermal systems. 

Thirdly, radiant heat eliminates drafts that are more common in homes using traditional heating methods and it operates silently beneath the floor. And for families suffering from allergies, a radiant heated floor eliminates the need for blowers that circulate dust and allergens into the air. 

Uponor is providing the comfort of radiant heat in the Green Builder Media’s VISION House® Los Angeles 2012 and here’s how it works: 

Heated water is pumped from a boiler through tubing laid in a pattern underneath the floor. The temperature in each room – or zone – is controlled by regulating the flow of hot water through each tubing loop. This is done by a system of zoning valves and thermostats. 

It is simple, easy and oh, so comfortable. 

To learn more about Uponor and how a radiant floor heating system works in a home, visit



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Product Sponsors



There are a number of sponsors that have already chosen to participate in the VISION House Los Angeles. Structure Home and Green Builder Media are excited to be working with all of them and wanted to share some of the products that are planned to be implemented in the VISION House. 

The drinking water lines, PEX tubing, manifolds, and radiant floor heating system have been donated by Uponor. Uponor’s thermal floor heating system is designed to have warm water circulate through flexible, specially designed PEX tubing (plastic tubing with distinctive properties) which is installed in the concrete slab on the first floor and in a quick track system on the second floor. The heat radiates evenly up through the floor warming people and objects in the room and providing more comfort for less money. 

The cabinetry is being donated by Kitchen Craft® Cabinetry, part of the MasterBrand Cabinetry family. Kitchen Craft was founded in 1972 and has been a part of MasterBrand Cabinetry since 2002. 

Kitchen Craft is certified through the KCMA (Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer’s Association) Environmental Stewardship Program. KCMA’s annual certification means companies must meet all of the KCMA requirements including air quality, product resource management, process resource management, environmental stewardship, and community relations. In more detail, the company must demonstrate the use of low formaldehyde containing raw materials along with all local and federal hazardous air pollutant regulations. Companies must also demonstrate the use of recycled and sustainable products and have active recycling and energy conservation programs in place. In addition, the company must have a written environmental policy, environmental management system in place, and must show their community involvement through service or charitable organizations. 

Kitchen Craft and MasterBrand Cabinetry are proud to be certified by KCMA which authenticates their high level of commitment to the environment and sustainability of natural resources.



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