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Making Progress...



We have new photos of the VISION House Los Angeles up on Facebook and on our website (as well as a few in this blog) It's amazing how quickly two floor of framing can go up. We are excited to see the completed VISION House in May of 2012.

Photo Courtesy Structure Home

We are so thankful for all our wonderful sponsors who are participating in this project. Since our last blog Noritz® America has come on board and will be supplying two tankless water heaters and a tankless boiler for the radiant floor heating from Uponor.  Noritz has a vision to alter the way hot water is viewed in America and to reduce the effects to the environment. We'd have to say that's a vision. 

Another sponsor who recently came onboard is Schluter-Systems who will be providing shower line drains and waterproofing systems and Schluter-Ditra, a unique tile underlayment material made of polyethylene membrane. Learn more about this product at

Stay tuned for some exciting event announcements in the next few weeks!




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A Bit More About the Builders...



When Mark Sapiro, co-founder of Structure Home, attended the Energy & Environmental Building Alliance (EEBA) Conference in 2000 and 2003 he was looking to enhance his knowledge of sustainable building for today and into the future. After attending the EEBA conference, Mark went looking for a way to implement these new sustainable practices in to Structure Home.

“Homes that are systemically designed for durability and are responsive to current social, environmental and fiscal realities are what the world is directing all of us to observe.  At Structure Home, we are trying to be leaders in our own industry shift …doing our part to effect positive change.”

The desire to implement a green building strategy into the Structure Home culture led Mark and co-founder, Robert Kleiman, to Green Builder® Media at the Pacific Coast Builder’s Conference in 2010. 

The two companies decided to collaborate on the first West Coast VISION House® project, now known as VISION House® Los Angeles.

Structure Home is excited to integrate and establish a foundation of a more sustainable, energy efficient and healthy built environment.  For more information, visit


“A sustainable society is one that is environmentally viable, economically robust, and is a socially just and equitable one that meets the needs of the present without compromising the resources for future generations.” - UCLA Institute of Environment and Sustainability


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