Survey: Green Life Wanted

By Green Builder Staff | 7/8/2013

Our latest consumer survey shows that most people care about living sustainably, and that they understand that updating their home to include more green features increases its value.

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We all know consumers are fickle. research has shown that they over-promise and under-deliver on their willingness to pay for ecologically sound products or systems. But our new research shows that on the big issues—general awareness and concern about sustainably—attitudes continue to change for the better. For example, eight out of ten (84.3%) of our respondents have a positive association with the term “green,” and want to be known as having a green life. Even among those who don’t think they are green enough yet, 90.4% report that they would like to live more sustainably.

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This Consumer Green Preferences Survey, conducted by Green Builder® Media, is aimed to understand the sustainable lifestyle preferences, attitudes, behaviors, and purchasing patterns of adults aged 35-55 with an active and healthy lifestyle who are interested in sustainable living. The survey was fielded from March 11-31, 2013, with a sample size of 582 adults. Respondents were 67% female/33% male; 85% between the ages of 31-60, spread equally throughout the country; 81% are homeowners, 60% of whom believe they live a green life. The margin of error is +/- 2 percentage points.

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