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By Christina Birchfield | 1/3/2014

What 10 buildings Changed America?


PBS knows. Or rather Geoffrey Baer does, and he shares his views on the PBS program “10 Buildings that Changed America”.

On his 10 building list are Virginia’s state capitol in Richmond, Va., Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House in Chicago, Henry Ford’s Model T Factory and the first indoor shopping center. Watch the program to see the other six.

The PBS Web site has a variety of add-ons to explore including an architectural timeline and interactive content for each of the 10 buildings.

Let us know what buildings you think changed the world and why. And how these buildings influenced the way you decided to live or build, especially with respect to green building and sustainability.

Chicagoan Baer also produces the area’s popular tour programs, such as Chicago by Boat, Chicago’s Loop and Chicago’s Lakefront

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