Green Tech Says No Brown Power

By Christina Birchfield | 11/21/2013

All of these cell phones and tablets we now consider essential, require enormous energy-using data centers. Now Google and its tech colleagues (and rivals) are asking their electricity providers to give them green energy.


Last week, tech giants gathered in San Francisco to attend Greenpeace’s Greening the Internet Forum. Officials from tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Rackspace, and Box gathered to discuss their shared goal of clean, green power.

“The wonderful thing about power purchase agreements for clean energy is that they are at a fixed price, unlike brown power costs, which are going up,” said Gary Demasi, Google Director of Global Infrastructure. Facebook’s Iowa data center will be powered by 100 percent new wind energy in collaboration with the utility, MidAmerican. Google is already working with Duke Energy in North Carolina on its Green Source Rider. It also plans to invest $80 million in six solar facilities in Arizona and California.


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