Wearing of the Green

By Christina Birchfield | 1/3/2014

Green living includes our homes, our transportation and our attire.


Sadly, those interested in green dressing had limited and not especially fashionable clothing choices. Many wishing to be fashionistas went vintage, because it fell under the category of recycling. Some went with art clothing because no matter what the materials, the styles were art more than fashion. Thus, the clothing seldom went out of style and could be kept until worn out. Still others went with organic materials.

Now, online retailer Modavanti offers “One=Stop Shopping for Ethical Fashionistas.”
“Fair trade, Organic, Recycled, Hand Made, Made in USA, Energy Efficient, Vegan, Vintage”—are the online shopping categories.

Modavanti not only sells clothing online but also has its own clothing recycling program, Modacycle. Potential clothing recyclers email the company with “Modacycle” in the subject line. The company will then email step-by-step instructions. Modavanti pays the shipping. Recyclers receive a maximum of $60 in credits in any month. The donated clothing goes to designers and students at the Fashion Institute of Technology.”

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