Taking Control


In our annual behind-the-scenes guide to best building practices, experts discuss the latest
research on insulation and ventilation, with special emphasis on multifamily applications.


This spring, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Building America program held its fourth annual Technical Update meeting in Denver. The meeting brought together some of the world’s foremost building scientists to discuss high-performance homes—addressing eight key questions and six high-impact issues facing the building industry.

The various sessions from the meeting, highlighted in the article that follows, combined expert presentations, panel discussions and audience participation to update the industry on the latest technologies and practices that are under evaluation by the Building America program.

Building America meetings are held in part to bring together the building science research community to collaborate, develop shared research agendas and make recommendations for innovative, high-performance home strategies.

All of the full presentations for the meeting, along with complete webinar recordings are available on the Building America Web site.


Insulating Tough Buildings

Ventilating Multifamily Buildings

Revisiting Electric Heating

Off-the-Shelf HVAC

Duct Diligence

Optimizing Multifamily Buildings

Single-Family Ventilation



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