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Welcome to Green Chix. Each month we are exploring topics that we hope you will find relevant, interesting and supportive of a sustainable way of life. Join Green Chix and become a fellow ambassador for Mother Nature and help us to influence the world and spread the word on sustainable living.

Confident, smart and inspired, Green Chix are teachers, activists, business leaders, mothers and philosophers, infused with the power of nature to bring about positive change to a world in turmoil.

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February 2013

Follow along this month and learn more about how to improve the Indoor Air Quality in your home. [How's Your IAQ?   |   Spring Cleaning   |   In With the New]


January 2013

A fresh year, a fresh start! There is no better time to kick start some new habits. Thinking about including some Reduce, ReUse and Upcycling resolutions for 2013? Green Chix, with the help of Stacie Campbell, can help you get started on the right path. Follow along this month for some ideas for reducing your footprint. And don't forget to follow us on Facebook! [Reduce-Reuse-UPcycle  |  There is No Such Thing as Small Change  |  Green on the Go  |  3-2-1 Action!]


November/December 2012

For the remainder of November on Green Chix we'll be giving you some Green Gift Ideas that will have everyone giving thanks! [Get a THANKS for Your Give | Local Holiday Shopping | Gifts For Guys]


October 2012

We at NewGround PR & Marketing are a team of urbanite women trying to enjoy the best life the big city has to offer while maintaining the small town sensibilities with which we were raised. Much of our work revolves around green building companies, a cause and trend we are proud to champion. As guest Green Chix for the month of October, we are going to explore urban living, a subject very near and dear to our hearts. Our month-long focus will include topics like re-urbanization, small spaces, public transportation, bike culture trends, green cities around the world, among others. Stay tuned for blog posts from many of the Green Chix of NewGround, including company principal Carol Ruiz; our president, Shelley Miller; Social Media Director Jamie Latta; and our lead publicists, Katy Biggerstaff, Christine Rombouts and Julie Fornaro. Join us throughout October for discussions about the future of urban living! [L.A.'s Return to Urbanism  |  Easy Ways to Green Your Urban Lifestyle Without Breaking the Bank  |  International Cities Light the Way  |  Creating a Big Life in Small Spaces  |  Growing "Up"  |  Benefits of a Bike-Friendly City]


September 2012

How do you define comfort? What are the things that bring comfort to you and your family? During September Green Chix will explore the idea of comfort and how it relates to building a home. Think about the life you want to lead in your new home and all the systems that available to help make you comfortable. [Welcome to Comfort  |  Ensuring Comfort in Your Home  |  Comfort in Your Mind  |  Comfort with Your Conscience]


August 2012

This month on Green Chix we are going to talk travel. For those of you who travel for work (or even for pleasure!) we'll share some of the tips we've gathered over the years on items you can bring with you or transportation you can utilize to be more green while you're away from home. [It's the Little Things  |  Bag Lady  |  My Top 3 Travel Items  |  Transportation]



July 2012

An easy first step to reducing your carbon foot print is to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Catherine Vierthaler, of Green Builder Media, will be exploring these topics this month. She promises to have lots of ideas for the beginning recycler, and those who have been at it for a while. [Reduce, Reuse, Recycle  |  Reduce  |  Reuse  |  Recycling A to Z]


June 2012

NewGround PR & Marketing is a company of women who love food. Every company meeting involves food and drink and no matter if we’re meeting for business or fun, the conversation will eventually veer onto food topics. What great restaurants we’ve been to recently, a new farmers market that’s opened in our neighborhood or what we cooked for friends and family over the weekend.

As Green Chix, we are of course also health conscious so it made sense for us to contribute topics connected to healthy food on the Green Chix pages during the month. Look for information on urban farming, the slow food movement, composting, organic wines, farm boxes and much more from several of us at NewGround, including company principal Carol Ruiz; our president, Shelley Miller; Social Media Director Jamie Latta; and two of our lead publicists, Katy Biggerstaff and Julie Fornaro.

We look forward to sharing our food passion with Green Chix everywhere and hope to have some great conversations as the month progresses. 

Cheers to a fabulous food filled June! [Farm-to-Glass: Vodka!  |  The Urban Farmer  |  Slow Food Grows, From the Grassroots Up  |  Building Community in the Field  |  A First Foray into the Organic Wine Movement]


May 2012

Living Small, Living Local

This month Mark Johnson FAIA will moderate the topic of living smaller in a decade that has been described as the ‘new normal’. Major changes in the economy over the last five years have accelerated the transition to ‘Living Small, Living Local’ and ultimately to many of us adopting healthier, greener, and more sustainable lifestyles. This month will feature case study examples of green lifestyle choices ranging from rental, to remodel/retrofit, to new construction. Mark will be sharing his perspectives and interviewing two ‘Green Chix’ to share their insights as well.

Our destinations are Plymouth and Ann Arbor, Michigan. Plymouth is a historic town with a revitalized town square and commercial district that has become a popular destination within walking distance for thousands of locals from the surrounding neighborhoods. Ann Arbor is an ‘early adopter’ of green lifestyle practices at a community scale, driven largely by its citizens and the University of Michigan. Two of the homes we’ll feature in the blog will be open to the public in June for Ann Arbor’s Mission Zero Fest, an annual street festival and home tour to educate the public about green lifestyle choices, living small, and living local. The name Mission Zero Fest is derived from it’s goal of sharing how early adopters are already adapting their homes to become net-zero energy dwellings. Join us for an exciting month of engagement at Green Chix in May! [Living Small Living Local  |  Part 2  |  Part 3  | Part 4]


April 2012

Hey! It’s Spring! Time to get the dust bunnies out from under the bed, open the windows to let some fresh air in, and do a little (or a lot of) deep cleaning.  And, we’re going to help you do it all with fewer chemicals and some great green ideas. Follow the Green Chix blog for ideas for every room in your home. Then we're going to tackle your wardrobe! Freshen it up, and reuse or recycle your unwanted clothes in some decidedly fun and earth friendly ways. Check back all month for new ideas, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. We also want to hear from you. Post your favorite green cleaning tips on our Facebook page. [Green Spring Cleaning  |  Spring Wardrobe Makeover  |  Protecting Your Home, Protecting Your Environment]


March 2012

Water is an essential element for life. After air, it is the most vital substance that we need for survival. But communities near and far are experiencing water shortages on a regular basis. Fortunately there are many ways we can conserve water in our daily lives. This month we investigate easy (turn off the tap while brushing) and harder (replace that leaky faucet) ways to conserve this precious resource. [Water, Water Everywhere  |  Outdoor Water Saving Tips  |  Stop that Dripping Faucet  |  A Toast to Water Conservation and Food Security  |  Building a Water Wise Home]





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