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Geothermal Earth Day

Well, this is one Earth Day I won’t forget. I’m getting the ground loops put in for a geothermal system to heat and cool our home, and to provide hot water as well. The CimateMaster system I saw at the GreenBuild tradeshow last October will be installed next week.

It’s taken a long time from initial discussion to installation, but I think it will be well worth it.

When I saw the drilling rig pulling up between mature trees onto the front lawn, I must admit is was a bit scary. Branches had to be trimmed. The drillers had to maneuver around water lines, sewer lines, electrical and gas lines, too.

Friday is the really messy part of the process when they connect all the loops in the pit and then trench to the foundation and break through to where the system will be placed. Goodbye landscaping. I can understand why geothermal installations seem to be much more popular with new construction that retrofitting into existing homes.

But I am looking forward to a greatly enhanced energy future. According to the calculations I’ve been able to run, it looks like the pay back is about six years…and that’s based on current energy prices. I think that’s a pretty fast pay back for such a large investment.

I’ll be taking photos and sharing them throughout the next several days as the whole system is installed.

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