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The Fun Begins

‘Why is it always so exciting to start demolition? The sound of hammers and crowbars ripping apart the exterior of the house really gets you going. I guess it’s because that terrific noise is proof positive that things are really underway. And indeed they are.

I made a site visit to the house last week and met up with the contractor, Lance Gonzales. We did a walk -through of the house and reviewed many, many details, and pondered the changes. I always like this process. After reviewing the blueprints and getting familiar with the existing house on paper, it’s always fun to actually see what the REAL truth is, blueprints aside. For example, the new laundry closet had an unexpected support beam running through the center, so we had to make some on- the- spot adjustments. But this is par for the course, and only makes the job that much more interesting.

I’m in the process of selecting all of the flooring options for the house from Mohawk, one of our sponsors. I visited their booth at Greenbuild last week, and was shown some gorgeous engineered hardwood floors. Engineered flooring, as it is called, is actually real hardwood flooring that’s bonded to plywood, making it easier and faster to install, and very stable. If anyone has installed a hardwood floor in a humid climate, you know what I’m talking about. The natural tendency of the floor to expand and contract is kept to a minimum by already being bonded to a substrate. The plywood Mohawk uses is called “Purebond” because this it’s made with wood that has no added urea formaldehyde, which is found in ‘regular’ plywood. That makes for excellent indoor air quality, especially in homes with children.

As you know, Mohawk is a leading carpet manufacturer, and has two great product lines, one called “SmartStrand” and the other called “EverStrand”. Smartstrand carpet contains fibers made from corn sugars, rather than petroleum. This fiber requires 30% less energy to manufacture than an equal amount of nylon. EverStrand carpet fibers are made from 100 % recycled plastic bottles. One in four of every bottles that are recycled in North America are used to make Mohawk EverStrand carpet! That’s a great statistic, and I’m amazed at how soft and luxurious it feels. I call that a real win-win.

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