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Global Footprint Calculator

A conference being held this week looks at the "Post Growth" world economy. While looking at the many topics covered, I found this interesting ecological footprint calculator.
Click HERE to try the calculator.

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The BP Oil Disaster--Our Self-Made Monster

Despite BP's efforts to cover up the extent of the devastation in the Gulf, the more we learn about what's really happening, the more obvious the solutions.

Reading the news reports and interviews about the nightmare unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico, I found myself sinking into a deepening funk. Having lived in the region for several years, I always considered it one of the natural crown jewels of U.S. territories.

Now, the prognosis for the area is one of decades of poison and destruction of nature's beauty. Who's responsible for the spill? On one level, of course, it's every one of us who drives a car, flies in a plane, or eats a piece of food trucked across the country. We're all oil addicts. Maybe it was inevitable that it end this way, with our shortsightedness and self interest laying the groundwork for the destruction of our oceans.

Why such gloom and doom? Read for yourself. What can/should we do now?

1. Seize all of BPs assets. They have continued to attempt to make profits throughout this debacle, putting only a small fraction of their efforts into stopping the leak. The smaller government rhetoric heard in much of the media (none of which has ever been reflected in reality by any federal administration since Eisenhower) has actually led to corporate control of government. BP is running the show, not the White House. That's a lose lose scenario for all of us.

2. Acknowledge the real size of the leak (it's huge) and treat it as the global emergency it is. Watch this informative video.

Watch another, even scarier video HERE

3. Start criminal proceedings against all individuals who willingly shrugged off safety measures allowing this disaster to happen. This will lead to the highest levels--not just BP executives, but U.S. oil executives and politicians.

4. Clearly, the oil economy is no longer healthy for human beings. It's time to get very serious about changing direction. How? Check out THIS SITE. Here's hoping we smarten up before we poison the rest of the planet.

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